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Kythnos is well known for its hot springs. Their importance and healing effects were first realized by German doctors and chemists, who came to Greece together with king Othon.


Amalia -Othon’s wife- went regularly to conceive a child since the springs were famous for the treatment of gynecological problems. 


She loved Kythnos very much and came here regularly with Othon.


With their own recommendations and in a scientific way, the reservoir of the spring of Agios Anargyros was built in 1838, after first, in 1830 and 1833, chemical analyzes were made that proved the thermal potential of the springs.

Amal: from the name Amalia.

Amalia was the reason that highlighted the importance of the springs and at the same time the wellness character of the island, in her attempt to have children.


Amalia symbolizes women who have not been able to have children, with what this implies for the criticism they receive to this day, a criticism that then managed to throw a king.


Amal stands for the support of women against all forms of violence. Verbal and physical.


The largest percentage of women working in the tourism industry, a very hard workplace, do it out of necessity and support single-parent families.


They have found the courage and strength to separate and have taken on the task of raising children on their own.


The essentially good working climate, the human housing and food conditions – which are not given everywhere and in the near future their treatment with the provision of beauty services but also yoga sessions and the excellent financial benefits are what we offer, trying to make their daily life better and to forget the problems that await them when they complete their summer work.

kythnos lighthouse

Kythnos is one of the few islands in the Cyclades that has thermal springs.
The most famous is located in the northern coastal & tourist settlement of Loutra.